Take it from A BABY! by Mitch Idol

Part of alamocityliving is LIVING IN THE ALAMO CITY! DUH, right? Well, maybe not.

My wife and I absolutely love living in San Antonio. For years, we would visit for short trips, hit the hot tourist spots, enjoy our time and then head back home. Even at that we have awesome memories of our trips. Now that we live here, I am happy to report we love it even more. There really are so many great things about this city, we love to explore. 

But I noticed something when I’m around other people. Not specifically other people here in San Antonio but anywhere. People can be downright miserable, they can totally rain on your parade. Has this ever happened to you? You make a comment about how much YOU enjoy something and debbie downer (who never said a word before) feels obligated to pipe up and present her list of reasons why YOU shouldn’t like what YOU like. 

Im not gonna harp on this long, but why always look at the negative? I’m a realist, I know about risk, I’m not naive. I just would rather live life to its fullest rather than be paralyzed by fear, doubt and concerns. I’ve found out that worry gets me nowhere and 90% of what I worry about eventually works itself out anyway.

The point?


Make your moments matter! Count your blessings! They are all around you. Take it from a baby! 

Void of Content - Blank Page Series by Mitch Idol

Ok, so a BLANK PAGE is something that most of us can relate with. Speaking literally a blank page is defined as a page that is devoid of content. Although in many ways this is an accurate view, when we are faced with the blank pages of our own lives they seem to represent so much more. They never really stand alone, they seem full of meaning and depth! They speak of future, and beg for us to continue writing our stories. 

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 9.30.33 PM.png

Looking at it this way, its hard to imagine anything other than opportunity. It’s inspiring to think about what could be and the potential of what our lives could look like. And then with one swift blow we encounter reality. And that’s where I want to spend our time today.

I don’t have enough time, I’m not smart enough, what if I fail, I’m afraid, I’ll wait until the time is right, I’ve got a family, I’ve got bills, I can’t quit my job, what will people think? Sound familiar? If you’re like me not only have you had these thoughts but these thoughts have shaped how you approach life and what you are willing to accomplish in life. Most of these can be legitimate concerns, but when faced with a blank page they often times act as excuses. 

I understand, as I pointed out before in THIS POST I love certainty. I love clarity and security. The blank page does not offer that. The blank page is unpredictable and risky. It’s down right scary. But the reality is...


I believe that to my core and am committed to living that out best that I can.

An important process in us making the most of the blank page before us is facing the facts. Often times our “concerns” that are actually excuses keep us from out very best. Hopefully this post has helped you in some small way to invalidate those “thoughts of reality” and move into action!

A Blank Page by Mitch Idol

Lately I've been reflecting on my journey and the path that has been set before me. As I pointed out in THIS POST it has been a major season of transition and change for my family and I. I think most everyone has or will experience something similar. The BEGINNING of a new season. A fresh start. A blank page.


A blank page. Imagine looking down at a blank page, what do you feel? What does the empty page represent? Opportunity? A fresh start? Freedom? Or perhaps, fear? Work? Doubt and decisions?

For me it has been a little bit of all the above. The initial excitement of dreaming my dream or having complete freedom to be and do what I feel most full-fills who I am can so easily and quickly be drowned out by the fear and doubt of what actually seems possible. In all of our lives there is a beginning, often times many beginnings. In fact scripture records that God started "In the beginning..." God created SOMETHING quite literally out of NOTHING! God choose to move beyond just looking at a blank canvas and He BEGAN!

For us, anything we have accomplished or aspire to accomplish starts with a first step. The decision to begin, to step out in faith and believe we have what it takes to get to the finish line. Over these next few days join me as I share my thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of A BLANK PAGE!

HAVE FUN by Mitch Idol

Part of Alamo City Living is having fun. Actually its a MAJOR part. In this new season of our lives Lora and I are doing whatever we can to maximize our family time together. As a business owner I thrive off of time away from the business. There will be a longer post about this coming soon. But for now I wanted to share a video that shows a little bit about what our family adventures actually look like. Enjoy…

The Difference - Real Estate is NOT my job series by Mitch Idol

The goal of these posts is not to draw a line in the sand and say a business is better than a job or vice versa. I think both have their benefits as well as their challenges. In all honesty I’m largely in the discovery part of this discussion myself. The verdict is still out on where I see myself fitting the best. So I share from “on the ground” experience rather than theoretical practice or proven methods and ideology (WARNING:  semi-big word which always produces a HOMER reaction).


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Real Estate is NOT my job by Mitch Idol

Around 9 months ago I quit my job. I had been working there for close to 13 years and honestly never pictured myself outside of that organization. Through various and obvious circumstance I could not ignore, I resigned to the fact that my season there was over. That entire process is something that I could spend quite a bit of time writing about but that is not the point of this post.

After 13 years of working for an organization there were a lot of conditioned responses and actions engrained in me as habits. Some good some bad. Now that I am a real estate agent I have seen how my previously mentality as I approached my 9-5 was so very different. I loved where I worked, I loved the people I was around, and I loved what I was able to be a part of with a great organization. In a lot of ways it was a great JOB. In my heart it was way more than a JOB but in the practical sense it was a JOB. I had a salary, and expected weekly income that I could count on. I had healthcare and retirement.  I had security and all the stability a JOB has to offer. I was very blessed.

Now that I am in real estate, one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn is that Real Estate is NOT my job IT IS my business. In a lot of ways that's exciting and in a lot of ways that makes me extremely nervous. Simply showing up to an office from 9-5 doesn’t get you a pay check.  I can’t begin to explain the shock that was and still is to my system. I had no idea how accustomed I was to the stability and predictability of a job. This mentality is my daily mentality shift that I have to own and force myself to think differently. Join me over these next few days as I share my thoughts about the difference between a JOB and a BUSINESS.